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ADHD & Behavioral Issues Specialist

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Without proper care, ADHD and behavioral issues can interfere with school and social performance, eventually causing anxiety and depression. Healthy Kids is a trusted provider of assessments and treatments for ADHD and other behavioral problems, helping kids throughout the Port Washington, NY, area lead healthier, happier lives.

ADHD & Behavioral Issues

What are the Symptoms of ADHD?

ADHD (attention deficit hyperactive disorder), includes symptoms of both inattention and hyperactivity, including:

  • extreme fidgeting
  • difficulty paying attention
  • trouble waiting to take turns
  • blurting out answers during class or at other inappropriate times
  • being easily distracted

ADD is a subtype of ADHD which lacks the symptoms of hyperactivity. ADHD usually develops during childhood, but adults can also suffer from the condition. Without proper treatment, children with ADHD can suffer from poor school performance and have problems making friends, and as a result, many children with untreated or poorly treated ADHD also suffer from depression and anxiety.

What Other Kinds of Behavioral Issues Can Children Experience?

Children can have the same sorts of behavioral issues as adults, including separation anxiety, obsessive-compulsive disorder, oppositional defiance disorder and social anxiety disorder. Often these issues appear more exaggerated in children because they spend a considerable amount of time in the most rigid environment of school when behavioral aberrations are more apparent and because they lack the experience and coping skills that develop with time. Children with behavioral problems can experience symptoms like angry outbursts, extreme impatience, nervousness, anxiety, moodiness and frequent crying episodes. Headaches, stomachaches and gastrointestinal upsets, self-injury and aggressiveness toward other children are also common. Some behavioral disorders can cause sleep problems and most children with these issues have poor social skills or poor school performance. Without treatment, children with behavioral problems can face the same issues as kids with ADHD, including an increased risk of depression and chronic anxiety and a lower quality of life.

How are ADHD and Behavioral Disorders Diagnosed?

The American Psychiatric Association has established criteria to aid in the diagnosis of ADHD, behavioral disorders, and other emotional disorders. These criteria can also help identify the most appropriate treatment options.

How are ADHD and Behavioral Problems Treated?

Children with ADHD and behavioral problems usually can benefit from medication to help correct brain chemistry imbalances that can cause or contribute to the disorders. Counseling and behavioral therapy can also be effective in helping children develop coping skills and in learning how to replace negative thoughts and feelings with positive behaviors.