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School physicals play an important role in helping your child succeed in school. The doctors at Healthy Kids are committed to helping children throughout the Port Washington, NY, area do their best in and out of school with physicals aimed at assessing physical and developmental health and wellness.

School Physicals Q & A

Why are School Physicals Required?

School physicals can help ensure a child is healthy enough to participate in normal school activities while also identifying underlying learning issues or other problems that can interfere with learning or classroom participation. when an underlying issue is identified, additional exams and tests can help determine if the child requires accommodations to allow them to fully participate in the school experience. Plus, school physicals also review a child’s immunization records to make sure vaccines are up to date so school requirements are met.

What Happens During a School Physical?

School physicals include many of the assessments and evaluations of an annual physical, including measurements of height, weight and blood pressure, assessments of the heart and lungs using a stethoscope, palpations of the belly to look for signs of tenderness and swelling and other evaluations. In addition, a school exam can ensure a child receives vaccinations necessary for school admission and good health and can identify problems with vision, reading, comprehension, communications, social skills and other activities critical for success in school. Children and their parents will also have an opportunity to discuss any concerns they have and to ask questions about health and wellness or the school experience. Having routine back-to-school physicals can help ensure a child is ready and able to participate and succeed in school.

My Child has Physical Exams in School; Do I Still Need to Schedule a School Physical with a Pediatrician?

Yes, most physical exams conducted in schools are designed to look for specific issues like scoliosis or basic vision problems and do not include the detailed and in-depth assessments performed in a pediatrician’s office. As a result, they’re not designed to look for and identify specific medical issues that can have an impact on overall health, school performance or other activities, or to recommend any type of treatment. In addition, having a school physical at the pediatrician’s office provides an ongoing record of a child’s health that can help identify subtle problems that otherwise can be easily overlooked.