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Sports physicals help ensure children are healthy enough to participate in sports at school and elsewhere. The doctors at Healthy Kids are skilled in performing comprehensive sports physicals aimed at helping kids throughout the Port Washington, NY, area get the most from the sports they enjoy.

Sports Physicals Q & A

What is the Purpose of a Sports Physical?

Sports physicals are examinations designed to ensure a child is healthy enough to participate in school sports or other organized sports activities. Physicals are often required by schools or other organizations prior to sports participation. Sports physicals can also be used to determine if a child needs a special accommodation in order to participate in an activity, and they can play an important role in preventing injuries by identifying and treating issues prior to participation. Athletes of all levels - even professionals - rely on sports physicals to assess muscles, joints, reflexes and other factors that can have an affect on performance, health, and enjoyment of a sport.

What Happens During a Sports Physical?

Sports physicals include many of the same assessments as an annual physical, including weight and height measurements, assessments of the heart and lungs, and blood pressure measurements. In addition, they usually include assessments of the muscles, joints, and reflexes with a primary focus on the muscles and joints used during the specific sport or activity. Vision may also be assessed. And of course, additional assessments may be performed to meet the requirements of the school or other organization.

How Does a Sports Physical Differ From an Annual Physical?

Annual physicals are designed to assess overall health and wellness while sports physicals focus on assessing the child in terms of the sport in which he or she will be participating, focusing on the specific demands of a particular sport.

My School Performs Its Own Assessments for Student Athletes. Do I still Need to Schedule a Sports Physical with a Doctor?

Although in-school assessments are important, they’re not nearly as comprehensive as a sports physical conducted in a pediatrician’s office. School physicals typically include only the most basic assessments that can fall short in identifying serious underlying issues that could affect the performance and the health of the child.